What can you do about ‘nothing’?

They say anxiety is not real. Let me tell you how real it is. I am sitting here, crying and shivering because I’m scared. Scared of what? Scared of ‘nothing‘. And this nothing is not your nothing. This nothing is actually something but its nothing that you or I have seen or felt. This nothing is something bigger than death because I swear that there are moments when I feel like dying is better than dealing with this fear.
Now you’d say- “If you’ve figured out that it’s nothing, why haven’t you learned to ‘ignore’ or ‘beat’ it?” But you know what? This ‘nothing’, changes. There is a new nothing every damn time. I’ve written journals, identified triggers, meditated, created a healthy routine, taken medicines, tried seeking help; even made an emotional first-aid kit- but what can you really do about nothing? Nothing, right?